Friday, October 25, 2013

Hello! It's been too long!

I'm sorry to the very few of you who check in on me via my blog. I have neglected you and there is no excuse. Well, there kind of is- I have been SO busy these days!! But busy is good, and now that it has been over a month, I am slowly getting the hang of balancing multiple jobs, commuting to and from those jobs, and attempting a new social life as well.
A picture I took looking Southwest toward my home from a cafeteria on the top floor of El Corte Ingles (a big store like Macy's)
Soo, where to begin. Let me tell you a bit about my apartment. In my first week here Nachy and I were strolling, looking up to the balconies of the beautiful, old buildings which line the tiny streets that weave through the city, for signs which read "se aquila," (for rent). We stumbled upon a rather new looking building, close to the center of the city but a little farther south, with multiple rooms for rent. The street is a dead end, (which means less noise!), and is surrounded by a small park, and is 4 min from the metro. Turns out the building has been around since the 1800's, but has recently been completely renovated. So I am now the proud renter of a furnished studio apartment, completely new with tremendously tall ceilings and brand new appliances. And thanks to Nachy, the rent was negotiated from 650€ down to 500€ a month. Although it's a studio, it feels spacious because of the high ceilings. I have a pull-out sofa and also a queen sized bed and still feel as though I have plenty of space. I am so happy with my new home and its location! I live in Puerto de Toledo (see picture from previous post). It's a wonderful area of the city in my opinion, filled with lively cafes and bars, parks, markets, and, because there is a University campus in Puerto de Toledo, plenty of young people.

A full-sized fridge AND an oven!! My only two requirements! :)

Pretty standard bathroom.. lighting is perfect for applying make-up ;)

After signing the lease

Our first meal in my new apartment! ¡Que Americano!

Cafe- 5 min walk 
The very large Church- 5 min walk

So, slowly but surely I am knowing my 'barrio.' There is a rastro (outdoor market) every Tuesday and Sunday, and I am about ten minutes from this beautiful park pictured below, which contains Rio Manzanares (the river of Madrid). Coming from the country, I am not used to so many options right outside my door and constantly in reach. The sights, smells, tastes and sounds can be overwhelming, but mostly in a way that enriches my mind and body, and makes me feel young and alive.

Taken during an evening run