Monday, September 16, 2013

Kiss me and smile for me

After weeks of waiting for the Spanish Consulate General of New York to take their sweet time getting my visa to me, that big brown UPS van finally made its way up my driveway and my passport is in hand! My flight is booked for tomorrow night.

Leaving home is posing to be a more difficult task than originally planned. So as I sit in my room, the last night for a long time, I am thinking of people and places and things I will miss. Talking about all that will just bring the waterworks, so I will spare you all.

Welp, here's to adventure. To letting the big moments and the small moments, every part of this, fill my soul and reinforce the good person I'm trying to be. Here's to not getting arrested or making a single trip to the hospital. Here's to always being busy but never too busy. To being brave and fearless. (and also to not being too lonely that I break down and buy myself a dog..).

Talk to you on the other side of the pond.

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