Monday, December 9, 2013

Breathing that country air.

It has been a great time living in the city. All around me there is movement, excitement, things to do, places to see, yummy food to try and people to surround myself with. However, within a short time of immersing myself in this new life, I began longing for the country I know and love. The pollution and second hand smoke are a constant bother on my throat. There is never a moment of quiet or stillness. So finally Nacho and I took a trip about 40 minutes northwest of Madrid to the mountains, La Sierra de Guadarrama. The route we planned was a 4 hour hike, but we got lost and climbed for over 6 hours. It was a long, cold day but it was worth it.

Our hike bordered the Community of Madrid and the community of Castilla y Leon 
Camino Schmid was our trail

Here is where I spun in circles singing, "The Hills are Aliveee"

A good spot to stop and have a snack!

Stumbled upon some bulls

About halfway up

Very informative sign- "Danger, in general"
When we finally crawled back to our car after hours of hiking we were exhausted. It was windy and cold, but it was a good day, and coming home to hot soup made it that much better!

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