Sunday, January 19, 2014

Hello again!

It's been a week, I know, and I really haven't had a chance to fill you all in, so I'm sorry. I am really busy with work Monday-Thursday (read: 12 hour days) and the perfectionist in me is forcing daily trips to the gym as well.. although we'll see how long that lasts, and Friday-Sunday I'm also really busy with this thing called having fun.. so blogging falls to the back-burner. But please, let me fill you in:

I have started a new job at on Monday afternoons at an English academy called Kids & Us. It's the same place where I did the Christmas Fun camp, but at a different location in Madrid. The location I work at now is near Retiro park (probably a 10 min drive, but a 45 min bus ride). So I wish it was at the location so close to my house in Arganzuela, but maybe there's a chance for transferring in the future.. It is a class for 7 year olds, and it's a lot of fun! The other teachers are really nice, and I'm really trying to increase my hours so I can make it my only afternoon job next year and cut out individual classes altogether. We'll see how it goes.. Take a quick look at their website, they're a pretty established company, have locations all over Spain and a real progressive method for teaching English to kids. The reason I like them is because every minute of their class is entirely planned out, which equals less thinking and preparing time from meee! It makes for a super long Monday but I feel good packing a lot into my day and making some money. (And if it's one of those better Mondays I can still make it to spin class at 9:30 after work)

I have been feeling super crafty/creative these days. I have finally printed pictures to hang in my house, some string and some clothespins and viola! a way to utilize the column smack-dab in the middle of my apartment. Cute, huh? I've also been exploring El Rastro every Sunday, where I find amazing art and inspiration. Every day that I'm here I am feeling more and more creative and I'm trying to take advantage of that energy. Trying new things, making new food, crafts, etc. More on that later..

Found this fabric at the Rastro- fell in love :)
Found this print as well- reminds me of my
ever-continuing journey learning Spanish
Chicken in a homemade vegetable-wine sauce

Nacho has started a new job! He works in a factory of Iveco, a company who makes trucks. I am so happy that he has found work, but he is super busy (and also works Sundays!). But even though he has projects and exams for his university and a full time job, he still makes a lot of time for me and is pretty much just the best human being I know.

Today I took a quick trip to the Rastro and bought some cacti! A terracotta pot, some white paint, soil and rocks and here is my new cactus garden :)

More posts to come! XOXO

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