Monday, January 6, 2014


Lately I've been feeling distracted. With so much outside my door, there is this constant urge in me to get outdoors. Buy. See. Go. Go. Go. Taste. Smell. Take pictures. On to the next thing. City life is new and exciting. But what I have realized recently is quantity sometimes takes value over quality. My days are full, which for sure is a good thing. But I have been passing through each part of my day in auto-mode. This needs to change.

Over this Christmas break I've had a chance to relax. For the first time since my arrival in Madrid I have had real time to do nothing. And somewhere within, somewhere unconscious deep inside me, I needed this time. And I have finally realized the importance in this. And with this beautiful time I have allowed my head to clear and to take things a bit slower.

With this new appreciation of time my hope is that instead of checking things off a list, I will appreciate more my working day, and relax more in my free time. Focus less on what I am doing, and more on how I am doing it. And above all try to avoid rushing through my day just so I can get back into bed. This will be my mantra as I enter back into the working world on Wednesday.

I leave you with some pics of sushi night :)

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