Friday, January 3, 2014

Some pictures for you

A LOT has been going on these days. Lots of celebrations, attempts at Spanish-speaking, dinners and lunches with friends, eating, laughing, exploring. And most of all, being completely hypnotized by the beautiful Christmas lights all over the city. The winding streets feel even more quaint, warm, and inviting when lined with lights and filled with happy families. Sigh. :)

.Here are some random pictures from the last week or two for you all back home

Homemade peppermint bark
.Cutting the Christmas jamon! :) Much more difficult than it looks

With my little helper- Elena
The food at Nacho's house for Christmas Eve was copious
and amazing. And those are just the appetizers
Shrimp, pate, croquettas, salmon, cheese.. I´m in heaven

..Looks like this guy is, too

(Miguel eating a razor clam- (navaja

(The kids area- watching the Simpsons (I forced them to wave
!Que guapos
Nacho with Elena and Julia- his nieces
A beautiful tablescape for Christmas Day lunch
Hand-picked (from right here!), homemade olives with
personalized label! From Nacho's brother and his family
Christmas Day was tiring for Nash

A walk in Retiro Park
The Crystal Palace in Retiro Park- stunning

Diego and Juan showing their American spirit
Mercado de San Miguel- 5-10 min walk from my apartment

Cortylandia is sort of a strange tradition here in Madrid, but it was still nice to see. Read more about it HERE.

Inside the Christmas Tree at Plaza Mayor

Callao, one of my favorite stops

Nacho and I at a microteatro! Order a drink and watch a mini
 performance. It was SO impressive

My Christmas presents arrived from the US in time for
Christmas. Ah I feel so loved :)

Complete with a mini USB Christmas tree
A little Charlie Brownish but that´s what I love about it
Lunch with one of Nacho´s football teams.
All are really nice, good guys.
Many more pictures to show and many random stories to tell. <3

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