Monday, February 10, 2014

Una Comida Valenciana

Five of the 27 present on Saturday..
It has been weeks since I've visited Nacho's family, so it was with smiles and open arms that we reunited at the house of Nacho's brother, Daniel, with the entire family for a big lunch on Saturday in Boadilla.
Per usual, the day was filled with lots of food, noise, catching up and holding babies. Besides a wonderful array of delicious appetizers, Daniel (see far left in picture above) made arroz Valenciana, a wonderful rice dish with sausage, morcilla and ribs. After lunch and quite a large array of desserts (including my apple pie!) Nacho and I siesta'd on the couch together, next to other random family members who were lucky enough to claim a spot. The implied nap time after lunch is something every family member respects, and I love that a room which was filled with noise and chaos only minutes before can transform into a shared, peaceful space. A family that naps together stays together I suppose..

Gambas y camarones:
the best of the appies in my opinion!
It seems I'm falling in love with this family- as if the whole group of them come together in one large package. They have shown true interest in my life and my relationship with Nacho, they support me and accept me. I feel very special to consider myself a part of such a loving group of people, and I cherish how comfortable I have become around them. It was a wonderful way to spend a cold, rainy Saturday.

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