Thursday, March 20, 2014


Hello family and friends! Happy first day of spring! The change in seasons is definitely felt over here in Madrid, I am currently sitting in a tank top with windows open and sun filtering in. I love the beginning of spring, it seems to be a time when everyone fully appreciates this weather they've missed so dearly. These days just being outside in the sun for some time is all I need to be drunkenly happy each day. I hope to hold on to this appreciation and the positive attitude it brings.

Outdoor seating everywhere you look!

Here are a few updates on what's happening with me these days:

  • After 5 months, I am feeling much more comfortable in the two high schools where I teach. I find that my work days are pleasant and easy, people are nice, and I can communicate much better with students and teachers. What changed? I think maybe I am just feeling more comfortable in a place that was once new and intimidating. I really enjoy going to work.
  • He empezado clases de espaƱol! I have started individual weekly Spanish classes! Every Wednesday afternoon, a Spanish teacher comes to my home and teaches me for two hours. I hope to learn a lot from her. After only one class she has also made me feel more confident to use my Spanish- not being shy to speak is half the battle for me!
  • I have taken on four more hours per week of teaching English, totaling 11 hours weekly, and possibly adding two more next week! I see this as a good thing. I am earning more, and I am busy. At the end of each long day I feel as though I have spent it well, travelling in and out and around the city, working hard, staying busy and feeling accomplished. Plus, one of my classes is with 2 year olds! Last week we tried lemons and chocolate (to learn sour and sweet). It was pretty adorable. It is fun to help people learn, especially those who have the interest! And at about 20 euros per hour, I'm not doin' too bad.. 
  • This new weather brings with it energy to do more! I recently went hiking in Cercedilla, near Segovia. It was refreshing to feel snow under your shoes on the mountains while at the same time feeling the warmth of the sun on your bare arms. The more time I spend outdoors the better. Other activities include picnics, walks, runs, drinking and or eating on terraces, etc. I'm pretty sure spring in Madrid has got to be one of my favorite things. 
A walk in Retiro Park
Strawberry daiquiris at Plaza de Cibeles
Hiking in Cercedilla (with the moon watching over me)
Sending love and warmth to those back home. Just remember those famous words of Albert Camus! XOXO

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