Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cochinillo en Segovia

Cochinillo. Better known in English as a suckling pig. I have been told by Spanish friends that I MUST try a cochinillo in Segovia. I was in luck! Every year Nacho and his friends have a big annual cochinillo lunch in Miguelañez, Segovia. So on Saturday, after a long morning of working for Nacho, we drove northwest of Madrid for about an hour and a half to the family home of Andrés, a friend of Nacho. With 15-20 people and two babies there was never a dull moment, but the day was filled with laughs, love and lots of food!

Apparently the cochinillos were bought from a man who lives in the small town of Miguelanez. He raises the pigs himself, kills them, cooks them and brings them to you for a nice price of €60 a pop. One cochinillo is usually under 10 pounds and feeds about four people. They are roasted whole on an open oak wood fire, which creates a crunchy skin and juicy, tender meat. Want to hear more? NPR posted an informational article about the pigs here. Or have a listen.

Homemade bourbon balls and rum balls by moi for the feast
Saw a beautiful rainbow on the drive up
There's a foot on my plate..


God Bless every corner of this house
A post-lunch walk in the country

Walking through the small, quiet town

We shared a delicious meal, drinks and a walk through the country. I felt so happy to be included in the annual tradition with this great group of people. I finally have had my traditional cochinillo experience in Segovia. Yum!

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