Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy Three Kings Day!

 With some milk and snacks laid out under the Christmas tree, the children of Spain go to sleep early on January 5th. Letters to the kings have been sent, parades in the street have ended, and epiphany day, El Día de los Reyes, is finally here. The day of the 6th is a day similar to our Christmas morning. Children wake up and open their presents from the Three Kings, Nacho and I included. I awoke in Nacho's family's house to a living room full of presents. The day was filled with giving, hugging, and the usual chaos that ensues in large family getogethers.
Posing amidst mountains of presents are Nacho,
his dad and his sister, Bea
My favorite gift! Oh, the things I can now create in the kitchen! Thanks, Bea!

Three Kings Day Parade in Majadahonda
Someone got ahold of my phone at the parade
The day ended with me flopping down on the couch, with an immobility that arises from a mixture of too much food, conversation and playing with over-excited kids. The holidays are now officially over, and it's back to reality. Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar were very good to me. In addition to my new culinary appliances I now have a new backpack, gloves, scarves, a new purse, perfume, socks, a necklace and ring (and Nachy's present still on its way!). And my present to myself- a new gym membership!! With Nachy's help I found a great gym 5 minutes walking from my apartment. It's reasonably priced and today I went to my first Spanish spin class. For once I felt in a familiar place. I am beyond happy with my new gym and can't wait to try other classes!

Back to work tomorrow! Renewed and ready! I leave you with a little street music I ran into..

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