Thursday, January 9, 2014

Stop. Can't touch me.

All my positivity and determined energy to go back to work in the new year with a bang has been halted. And quite suddenly at that.

Helloooo pink eye! It's been a long time since I've caught up with my old friend conjunctivitis, so I guess it was finally time again. In addition to the swelling, redness, and constant tearing of my eye (I will spare you a picture here..) I have completely no tolerance to light whatsoever. My computer and phone screen, brightness level as low as can be, are the only sources of light in my apartment, along with the occasional opening of the refrigerator door which takes minutes to prepare for and even more to recover from. So I am sentenced to solitary confinement for a few days- the doctor literally said "no besos a nadie." And when I asked him when I could return to the gym he responded two weeks! TWO WEEKS! Well see if I follow that request.. The task of finding a doctor who would see me, and then blindly making my way to his office via bus was, if I hadn't been in so much discomfort, quite hilarious. Thankfully the bus is usually carrying a few weirdos, so me wearing both my glasses and sunglasses holding a tissue over one eye and barely opening the other, bumping into every old person next to me, wasn't considered too out of the ordinary. Just another weirdo on the bus.

So my goal for the weekend is to eventually be able to lift my blackout blinds and let some light into my apartment so my plants don't die. Wish me luck.

To ease you from imagining my paining eye, I will leave you with a picture of the vertical garden of the Caixa Forum (constructed by French botanist Patrick Blanc). It's quite a beautiful sight, and the perfect contrast to the austere buildings it surrounds. It is paid for by "la caixa" foundation, who I have recently read about and completely identify with. They are a social nonprofit committed to human rights, dignity, peace and justice. Read their mission statement below..

"To contribute to the advance of people and society, with particular emphasis on the most vulnerable groups, whether through its own programmes, strategic alliances or collaboration with third parties, by means of efficient and, if appropriate, innovative actions, whose results can be evaluated and are transferable to other entities. With a preferred area of action within Spain, and with a global and coherent view of the international situation. All of this, guided by objectives of sustainable social transformation and creation of opportunities."

Talk to you again when I can open both eyes!

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