Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Churros con Chocolate

Come on now. I wouldn't be writing a blog in Madrid without the classic Churros con Chocolate post!
So here we go:

I'm sure you are familiar with this sweet, fried, chocolaty deliciousness. If not, please, let me enlighten you. The hot chocolatey drink Americans know and love is actually quite different from the mugfuls of thick, velvety, rich chocolate you can find here in Madrid. Madrileños do NOT mess when it comes to hot chocolate, and you will find its consistency to be closer to chocolate fudge than hot chocolate. Most Spaniards enjoy churros for breakfast, although they are a great afternoon merienda or late night snack as well. It is socially acceptable to eat churros con chocolate at any time of day- another reason to love them. 

Chocolatería San Ginés near Sol is known as the #1 best (read: touristy) place to try churros. It has been open since 1894, and these days you can stop to eat 365 days a year, 24 hours a day! Being the American guiri that I am, it is only appropriate that I try the place out! So last weekend Nacho and I strolled for about ten minutes north of my apartment into the heart of old Madrid to satisfy our craving. 

Despite its fame, the Chocolatería is actually tucked
away and out of site from the main road
And there's ALWAYS a line, no matter what. Around
Christmas time it was ridiculous!

Believe it or not, both churros and the hot chocolate are not super sweet. The chocolate, although thick and rich, is made with dark chocolate, so it does not overwhelm you with sugar (and it is quite easy to finish a full mug). It is for that reason that I fell in love with the traditional snack, and also why many people find they actually don't love the beloved churros con chocolate. To compensate for this, many people firstly dip their churros in sugar, then submerge them in the heavenly chocolate. I can eat mine either way.

On the left you see churros. On the right, porras (like churros but thicker)

As you can see, they were delicious. 'Nuff said. I'm sure I will be going back again soon. Now if this post did not make you crave something chocolately or sweet, then I did not do my job correctly.. Now go have some chocolate!

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