Sunday, February 16, 2014

Día de San Valentín

As far as Valentine's Day goes, neither Nacho nor I are big celebrators of the holiday. It has always seemed a little over the top for me, as if you had only one day to show how much you loved someone. Chocolate, flowers, romance. It all just seems a little..forced. And forced romance is the absolute worst.

Nacho and I often find time to have dates and do things together, so the day does not seem so special to us. But at the same time, I love love. I mean, it is the single most beautiful thing that connects us in this world, and the greatest gift a human being can give to themselves or another. It's what makes us happy, and what we all deserve. And that is something worth celebrating. It is worth not one, but all the days in a year. So for me, Friday was less of a celebration and more of a reminder. It was not the typical chocolate and roses day, but a reminder to live with an intention to show myself and those around me as much love as I can possibly manage.

Today was the first sunny day we've had in a while here in Madrid. The sun was strong and the day was warm with a light breeze. As I walked home (from an amazing Indian lunch with friends in Lavapies, yumm), I took a detour and headed to the river. I wasn't ready to go back indoors. Between soaking up the sun and feeling the light, cool breeze run through my hair it seemed as though my body was actually growing healthier with each step I took- if that makes any sense. Like that first warm day of spring, when the sun feels like heaven on your skin. I sat on the bridge and looked down at the river. I watched the birds being carried by the current, occasionally plunging their heads into the water. I watched the clouds above playing hide and seek with the sweet sun. I watched rollerbladers and bicyclists and couples hand in hand. And I held on to a feeling which flooded my body. One of relief, of happiness, of pure love. A love and acceptance of myself. A love for this city and its people who know how to live well where they are. A love for this earth and the sweet sun warming my head. And a love for the birds who allow themselves to be carried by the natural current of the river, trusting it to lead them to where they are supposed to be. And that is what Valentine's Day has reminded me. That my main reason for being on this earth is to love and be loved. It is the greatest gift.

Happy Valentine's Day. I love you.

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